Dear Parents and Students,  
            Our first Unit begins this week - Geography and Historical ImpactHow fitting after the events of Harvey!  I sincerely hope this finds you high, dry, and safe, but in the event your family is in need, please know that the staff at York is ready to help in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to let us know if your family needs a helping hand with school supplies, clothing, food, drywall, internet access etc...
This week we will be focusing on types of maps and how to use them to study history and for Pre-AP classes, we willhave an introduction to weekly PRE-AP Research.  

My Canvas pages, website, and weekly Calendar are updated weekly, so check here for due dates, project information, test and review dates.  Each Monday students will copy the entire week's assignments in their planners so that is another great place to see what is going on.
My classes will be using a 1 inch 3 ring binder with 4 dividers, a composition notebook, map pencils, and the regular assortment of blue, black, red pens, and pencils.
I can be reached best through e-mail and will try to respond as quickly as possible if its a good day, or maybe the next day if its been a bit wild.  Please call or e-mail anytime you have a question or concern!
And as always, remember Jr. High is a lot like the Alamo, they are fighting for their independence too!
Happy Trails!
Ms. Adams
Where to Order Your FREE TEXAS ROAD MAP:

 The textbook, Texas History by McGraw Hill, is now accessible on Canvas. Students will use their ID and Pass to access Canvas (stu and last 5 of your social).  Go to their Texas History Homepage, then click on the TEXTBOOK button.  That should take them directly to theTextbook.  (This is still a work in progress, so let us know if you have difficulties.)
    Please check our teacher websites for information about specific classes and as always feel free to send us an e-mail anytime you have questions or concerns.


Sept. 4    Labor Day Holiday
Sept. 8    Texas Rivers and Cities Map DUE (Quiz Grade)

Each Thursday Pre-AP will be assigned a research question which will be due the following Wednesday.  The assignment counts as a daily grade, no late work accepted.  Students must submit the question, correct answer, and document their source.  (Wikipedia,,, Dictionaries, are not acceptable sources.)

Due 9/13  When and why were the Addicks and Barker Reserviors built?
Due: 8/30 What information can you find out about the 1972 hijacking in Texas mentioned in the Postcard?

117 with Bull and calf.jpg8112015_12955_0.png
               You may have heard about our Herd, the state of Texas Bison Herd that is.
    After 3 great years,  York concluded its portion of the Bison Project.  We are indebted and grateful to Texas Parks and Wildlife, Caprock Canyons State Park Superintendent, Donald Beard, Laura Bush's Texan By Nature, and many of our other partners who made this experience possible for our students.  We challenge other schools to do the same - get out of your classrooms and become a part of history rather than just a student of it!!!

For a little background, read the following:
In 2013 YORK Texas History classes entered in a  partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife...
          York Texas History students began a partnership with Caprock Canyons State Park and the historic state Bison Herd in the fall of 2013.  Since that time, York  raised a little over $8000 to fund GPS tracking collars for a pair of female bison and an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which allows students to track the herd throughout the 14,000 acre park from our classroom 81/2 hours away!  Our students have helped generate grassland restoration plans and determined the most likely sites for permanent water sources based on the grazing patterns of the herd.  
     The addition of the UAV allows for video and still images of the herd in more remote portions of the park.  The UAV will aid in fenceline maintenance, wildfire control, and even search and rescue operations across the park's hiking trails.  
     All this data is shared with the park and our recent partner school in Dallas, St.Thomas Aquinas, who last year funded 10 game cameras which were placed throughout the park.
  Aside from researching GPS tracking collar systems, learning how to pull data from Google Earth, writing grants, writing news articles for publication, and running fundraising events, York students have also been featured on several newscasts, newspapers, and magazines around Texas and even received exposure on the national level for their conservation efforts.  Their project has received endorsements from former Governor Rick Perry, former First Lady Laura Bush, and a host of other state officials.
      We hope you will take your family out to Caprock and see first hand these majestic beasts that have been carefully brought back from the brink of extinction!

Where to Order Your FREE TEXAS ROAD MAP:

Penny Adams
7th GRADE Texas HISTORY        832-592-8600
TUTORIALS: T-W-TH mornings in room 226 - or make an appointment to see me in the classroom.

Sept. 5-8
Unit 1 Geography and Historical Impact
4222016_60037_0.png The Big Idea: Understanding the past can help us understand the present.
Words to Know: agribusiness, alluvial soil, aquifer, basin, butte, erosion, escarpment, fault line, maquiladores, midlatitudes, northers, plains, plateau, petroleum/petrochemical

MONDAY- Labor Day Holiday

TUESDAY:  Storm Survey, Set up new unit, Map Rules, Types of Maps, River and City Map,
PRE-AP Research format:  Due 9/13 Addicks and Barker Reserviors

WEDNESDAY - River and City Map, Notes on Rivers, Types of Maps

THURSDAY -  5 Themes of Geography, Vocabulary

FRIDAY - Begin The Great Texas Bus Tour, River and City Map Due




MAPS 101


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